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Dubai city has become recognized globally as the heart of business. The country’s economy is based on the oil industry although tourism is currently bringing in a lot of revenue.

What really draws tourists to Dubai is shopping. The country is said to be the shopping capital of the Arab Emirates. The country has over 70 shopping malls among which include the 7th largest shopping mall in the world called Dubai Mall.

Cheap Hotels Of Dubai

Cheap Hotels Of Dubai

The city is also popular for gold and is called the city of gold with over 200 gold selling shops. Dubai also has some elegant hotels that offer some cheap hotel rates. Through the hotel booking sites you will be able to book one of the cheap hotels in Dubai and enjoy a shopping spree of a life time.

Shoppers are usually not interested in seeking expensive accommodation. They will be looking for the decent but cheap accommodation. The cheap hotels in Dubai offer just that. They are located in the city centre close to the shopping malls.

So you will not spend more on transport nor will you get into a traffic jam. What you need to do is book your hotel in advance so you can get some good hotel offers while they still last. If you wait for the last minute you will miss out on the hotel discount bonanzas that these hotels often offer. The cheap hotels in Dubai are said to accommodate of 15 million visitors in a year.

The huge variety of cheap hotels in Dubai caters for every taste and budget

If you do not want to compromise on quality and class you can use some hotel comparison sites to book you a hotel. This will guarantee that not only will you be directed to one of the cheap hotels in Dubai but you will also be given a chance to stay in a classy hotel.

You can also make hotel reservations on your own. All you have to do is use any hotel search engines. A search engine will get you in record time a list of the leading cheap hotels in Dubai. Using this list you can then do a hotel comparison analysis so as to select the best of the best.

This way you will book a hotel that is not only amongst the cheap hotels in Dubai but is also exquisite when it comes to its class. No doubt, if you are safe and have decent accommodation you will be able to enjoy the exciting experience of shopping in Dubai. So why not go there and be exhilarated. compares the cheapest hotel rates from over 55 leading travel sites to get you the very best cheap hotels in Dubai.

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